Our Machine Shop

We turn your ideas into reality.

Everything Under One Roof

Backed by a fusion of creative ingenuity, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art machinery, we’re poised to tackle any project. Our meticulously crafted production process guarantees top-notch quality and prompt delivery for all our products. From the moment we engage with you, whether by phone or email, we’re here for you every step of the way from the design stage through to completion and post-project support.

20,000 Sq.Ft. Facility

ISO9001-2015 Certification


CNC Machining

In our CNC department, we’re geared up to tackle projects of nearly any size and complexity, ensuring swift turnaround times for your components. Recognizing that each project comes with its own set of needs, we boast a fleet of CNC equipment that includes the Haas VF-7, Haas VF-5SS, two Haas VF-4, Haas VF-2, and an Okuma GENOS L3000-e lathe.

Manual Machining

We firmly believe that honing manual machining skills enhances one’s proficiency as a CNC machinist. That’s why we ensure our employees receive regular training on and operate manual machines to refine their abilities. Our manual machine department is instrumental for crafting unique projects or making minor adjustments to existing ones.

Waterjet Cutting

Our OMAX 80X Series JEt Machining Center is a true workhorse, and excels at cutting larger or multiple-part projects on a variety of materials. This is the machine we start most of our projects on before moving them to other departments in our facility. 


From small prototypes to large-scale productions, our facility is primed to meet all your fabrication requirements. Equipped with a diverse array of machinery and tools, we offer unparalleled versatility. Our lineup includes a Hydmech band saw, two Ermak brake presses (12-foot and 6-foot), spot welder, power rolls, and a 10′ Haco metal shear. Additionally, we offer tube and pipe bending services for diameters up to 2 ¼”.


While our welders specialize in TIG welding, their expertise also extends to SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and spot welding techniques as well.

Mechanical & Electrical

All our paper systems are constructed in-house, encompassing a wide range of components from large bracket part assemblies to PLC cabinets.  We can extend any of our assembly services to fit your individual project needs.

Quality Assurance & Control

We’re proudly ISO900-2015 Certified, and uphold stringent quality assurance and control measures tailored to your specific project. Whether it’s a rapid visual inspection, or a detailed report generated by our advanced Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S574 CMM (coordinate measuring machine), we’re committed to delivering top-tier results.

Our Proven

Through years of experience with diverse clients, we’ve honed a deeply collaborative approach to our services. Our commitment to you extends until you’re fully satisfied.


First things first, we meet with you to get a full idea of your project scope, your budget, and your overall requirements and timelines.


The next step is us teaming up with our design team to blend your project needs seamlessly with our manufacturing capabilities. Throughout this stage, we will maintain frequent contact with you regarding any potential design changes or necessary improvements.


This is where we utilize both our state-of-the-art facility and over 25 years of turnkey project management to dive into making your project a reality. We’ll take care of all the purchase coordinating, fabrication, welding, machining, assembly and final testing to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Once your project is finished, we’ll arrange the transport — we can get anything anywhere using a full range of shipping solutions. 


Last but not least, after everything is settled, we arrange for a full debrief with you to discuss the successful parts of the project and also anything that requires improvement.  And if you’re looking for any kind of scaling-up or going from production to prototype, we can also help with that!