where innovation happens

We are a one-stop shop for creative ability, technical skill, and modern machinery. We have taken great care to create a production process that ensures both high-quality and timely delivery of all products. It all starts when we pick up the phone or answer an email, continuing through the design stage, and onto completion and post-project.

20,000 sq.FT FACILITY


Our Expertise

CNC Machining

Our CNC department is equipped to handle jobs of almost any size and complexity, offering quick turnaround times on your components. We understand different projects have different requirements, so we utilize a fleet of CNC equipment including Haas VF-7, Haas VF-5SS, two Haas VF-4, Haas VF-2, and an Okuma GENOS L3000-e lathe.

Manual Machining

We believe that a good manual machinist makes an even better CNC machinist. Therefore, we have our employees regularly train on and run manual machines to improve and sharpen their skills. Our manual machines department is particularly useful for creating one-off parts or minor modifications to existing parts. 

Waterjet Cutting

Our OMAX 80X Series Jet Machining Center excels at cutting larger or multiple-part projects in a variety of materials. A true workhorse, this is the machine that we start most of our projects on before moving them onto other departments within our facility.


Whether it’s small or large-scale projects, our facility is fully equipped to handle all your fabrication needs. We boast a wide range of machinery and tools, including a Hydmech band saw, two Ermak brake presses (12-foot and 6-foot), spot welder, power rolls, and a 10′ Haco metal shear. We also provide tube and pipe bending up to 2 ¼” ” in diameter.


Although our welders specialize in TIG welding, their capabilities also include SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and spot welding.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

We build all our paper systems in-house, with components ranging from big bracket part assembly to PLC  cabinets. We can extend any range of our assembly services to fit your individual project needs.

Quality Assurance & Control

We are ISO9001-Certified and can perform any level of quality assurance or quality control that your project requires – from a quick visual inspection to a full report on your Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S574 CMM (coordinate measuring machine).

Our Process

Over many years of working with a variety of clients, we have developed a highly collaborative approach to our services. Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied!


We meet with the customer to understand project scope, budget, overall requirements and timelines.


We closely integrate with our design team to perfectly blend project requirements and manufacturability. We maintain frequent communication with the customer regarding potential design changes or improvements.


We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and 25+ years of turnkey project management. We closely integrate purchasing, fabrication, welding, machining, assembly, and testing departments to ensure the highest quality.


We offer access to a full range of shipping solutions to get anything anywhere. We can also arrange installation/start-up services if required.


Whether a one-off or a potential scale-up, a full debriefing on successes and shortcomings follow every project. We provide full assistance with scaling up/going from prototype to production