About Us

Our Purpose

We’ve been locally owned and operated since 1995, and started with the goal of providing first-rate, reliable, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions across a variety of industries. Today, we’re well-established pioneers of automated threading technologies for pulp and paper and leaders in the manufacturing sector. 

We bring people together who have a passion for creating. Each of our company owners, managers, craftsmen, and engineers shares a common interest in building unique items. The possibilities of what we can accomplish are endless!

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the reach of manufacturing services available to the Lower Mainland. We want to increase our market share for automated threading equipment in pulp and paper and explore new lines in our industry. 

Our Culture

At Mantech, teamwork is the core of our culture. We strive to create a creative, connective work environment where our people feel valued and free to contribute. We value diversity and celebrate differences.

Our cORE Values

Each of our employees embodies our core values. In short, these values define how we work at Mantech. We reference them for every major decision we make.

Creative Solutions

Curiosity fuels creativity, which in turn fuels innovation. We collaborate with our customers to help their products work better and cost less.  Every day we push ourselves to explore new ways of doing things to better meet our customers’ needs.

Continuous Improvement

If our first value, creative solutions, is the “what” part of the equation, then our second value, continuous improvement, is the “how”. Progression doesn’t have a plateau where it’s suddenly finished and just stops. At Mantech, we relentlessly pursue excellence by working smarter, not harder, and finding ways to do things better.

Exceeding Expectations

Going above and beyond is more than just a checklist, it’s a mindset. Results matter, but how we show up also matters. We’re dedicated to ensuring our parts, products, and services are something we can be proud of.

Exceeding expectations is about setting high standards for ourselves and taking the extra step to turn “good” into “great”.

Practicing Candor

We’re in the business of saying what we mean. At Mantech, candor means we are comfortable having frank and difficult conversations. We own up to our mistakes (both internally and externally) and view any shortcomings or missteps as opportunities for growth. This means encouraging each of our employees to be comfortable speaking to their managers on areas of improvement without ever feeling judged. Candor is about being sincere, upfront, and not holding back.

Maintaining Loyalty

At our core, Mantech invests in relationships. We’re people-driven, and believe that supporting our employees, customers, and suppliers is of paramount importance. We proved this commitment during the pandemic. We kept our staff employed, invested in machinery to improve customer part quality, and consistently paid our supplier bills on time. Loyalty is about being loyal, even when it’s hard. 

Our Safety Commitment

Above all, we prioritize safety. We want everyone to get home at the end of the day. We put extra effort into implementing best-operating practices in every area of our facility and ensuring our employees have access to proper protective gear. Our in-house safety committee routinely reviews all our safety protocols and ensures that each new employee receives safety training as part of onboarding.

We embrace an open, encouraging safety culture where every employee, regardless of role or title, can feel confident to raise any concerns, report hazards, and encourage safety leadership. Ultimately, each employee is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Our Community Initiatives

We believe strengthening our community and growing the talent in our industry is important. Therefore, we actively support educational initiatives that promote the development of our youth. We employ and mentor machinists and fabricator graduates from programs through BCIT. We also fully support current employees looking to further their skills through our apprenticeship programs.