Welcome to Mantech

Our Purpose

Since our establishment in 1995, we’ve proudly remained a locally owned and operated company. Our journey began with a clear objective to deliver superior, dependable, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions spanning diverse industries. Today, we stand as pioneers in automated threading technologies for the pulp and paper sector, and as prominent leaders in the manufacturing landscape.

At our core, we’re comprised of individuals united by a shared passion for innovation. From our dedicated owners and managers to our skilled craftsmen and engineers, each member of our team is fueled by a common desire to create. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, shaping the future of manufacturing with every endeavour.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the accessibility of manufacturing services throughout the Lower Mainland region.  We aspire to enhance our market presence in automated threading equipment within the pulp and paper sector while delving into new avenues within the manufacturing industry.

Our Culture

At Mantech, collaboration is the cornerstone of our culture. We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace where every individual feels empowered to contribute their perspectives and talents. By nurturing diversity, openness, respect and appreciation, we cultivate an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and meaningful connections.

Our Company
Core Values

At Mantech, we’re not just a team – we’re a tight knit crew with values to match. These core values serve as our guiding principles, dictating both our work culture and our operational approach. They are the building blocks of our organization, shaping and influencing every major decision that we make. 

Creative Solutions

Curiosity drives creativity and fuels innovation. We collaborate with customers and stakeholders to enhance processes, product performance, and affordability. Every day, we strive to think outside the box and turn new ideas into realities.

Continuous Improvement

Progress doesn’t plateau at Mantech; it’s a continuous journey toward excellence. We work smarter, not harder, relentlessly seeking ways to enhance processes and outcomes.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Going the extra mile isn’t just a saying – for us, it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. Whether in parts, products or services, we aim to elevate the ordinary into exceptional.


At Mantech, we embrace honest open communication. We believe in addressing challenges head-on, and view setbacks as opportunities for progress.


We invest in relationships and prioritize supporting our employees, customers and suppliers. Our commitment to loyalty is unwavering, even in adversity, as we honour our responsibilities and nurture long-lasting partnerships.

Our Safety Commitment

At Mantech, safety is our top priority. We are dedicated to implementing best practices and equipping our team with proper protective gear to guarantee a safe return home for everyone. Our in-house safety committee diligently reviews protocols, and all new employees undergo comprehensive safety training during onboarding.

We cultivate an open safety culture where every employee feels empowered to voice concerns and report hazards without hesitation. Each individual holds themselves accountable for their safety and the safety of their colleagues.

Our Community Initiatives

We prioritize community involvement and talent development within our industry. We actively support educational initiatives aimed at fostering youth development. By employing and mentoring graduates from machinist and fabricator programs at institutions like BCIT, we contribute to the growth of emerging talent. Additionally, we wholeheartedly support our current employees in their pursuit of skill enhancement through our comprehensive apprenticeship programs.