Introducing Mantech’s Cone Ranger

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Introducing Mantech’s Cone Ranger! Two models to choose from (shown above).

(S)he significantly increases work zone safety and helps keep human flaggers less exposed to dangers and helps keeps drivers and all other people in the area more aware & safer!

(S)he’s tireless in all environments and locations, including some that are too risky/ unsafe/ uncomfortable for human-workers, for example:

  • Narrow roads/ Bridges/ Tunnel entrances                      
  • Construction zones/ Highway infrastructure projects
  • Emergency zones – Police checkpoints, Quick deployment behind Ambulance/ ERV
  • School zones
  • Ferry line-ups
  • Ski slope convergence zones!
  • Outdoor concert traffic control.
  • And more!

All Environments:

  • Fog/ Rain/ Ice / Snowy conditions/Blind corners
  • Extreme cold, Extreme heat
  • Remote areas
  • Danger zones – work near landslides, avalanche zones, flooded roads

(S)he never gets tired and works 24/7! Never gets injured or sick. Never misses a shift!

(S)he supplements existing workers’ safety or frees-up a human-hire for other higher-level duties during, which can be key in this time of ever-increasing labour shortages (that is only expected to grow worse in the coming years).

Increasing work zone safety minimizes the risk of driver complaints, work stoppages, and even potential accident litigation!

Customize your Cone Ranger’s design and function!

  • Add flashing lights and/or intrusion horns/alarms
  • Change-up the arm(s) action
  • Add a remote/radio-controlled sign flipper, or add a gate
  • Add car counters, camera/video, loudspeaker,
  • Try different PPE, faces, and signs
  • Super easy set-up/ long-life onboard batteries and battery charger
  • Contact Mantech and request your specific, custom needs!

 Choose any sign. Some examples:

The Mantech Cone Ranger’s life-like features make drivers take immediate notice (significantly more so than just signs/pylons) and slow down, increasing awareness and reducing risk of an accident.