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Advanced Paper Systems (APS)

Mantech Advanced Paper Systems (APS) offers innovative solutions to all paper and pulp machine threading, cross machine tail cutters, rope diverter and sheet breaker projects. Our equipment can effectively manage all machine speeds and paper grades.

Threading applications include press-to-press and press-to-dryer sections, size press and coater sections, dryer-to-calender and calender auto threading, calender-to-reel and virtually any intermediate auto-threading sections.

Our compact tail cutters utilize low-pressure water, fixed or rotating blades and are suitable for wet or dry applications. 

Rope diverters automatically reposition rope runs around scanners and away from edge markers or environmentally hostile areas during production.

Safety is a key component of our business. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to make the workplace safer, whether it’s reducing repetitive strain or preventing more catastrophic injury. We have integrated our customized solutions into a variety of different workplace environments, all with a focus on safety, while keeping production efficiency in mind.

Successful threading requires three key steps: cut, control and transfer. Our equipment is world-renowned because of our ability to reliably achieve each of these stages.  Each system is custom-designed to fit into the unique geometry and meet the particular requirements of the mill’s paper machine (position, product and speed).

Our Clients:

Clients who are using Mantech
Advance paper System Conveyer Belt System
Mantech’s industry-leading CVC’s provide unmatched versatility, control and efficiency. Used for fast and controlled threading of all paper grades from high-speed lightweights through to heavy board and market pulp, and at all orientations. Designed for high service reliability and very low maintenance:
  • Optimal threading conveyor at all paper grades, speeds and required conveying orientations
  • Available in sizes from our 1ft ‘mini’ CVC to 12’+ CVC length
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Custom floor or frame mounted
  • Compressed air vacuum generator built into vacuum chambers, one per chamber. No fans or ducting required
  • Vacuum chambers sized for optimum air flow and vacuum distribution
  • Custom design diffuser plate for each specific position
  • Simplified, low profile design—ideal for restricted spaces
  • Uses mill air (filter/separator recommended)
  • Operating pressure range 65 to 90 psig (4.48 to 6.10 barg)
  • Precision-crowned driven and idler pulleys, dynamically balanced
  • Fully sealed, stainless steel bearings, no lubrication required
  • Quick change vacuum belt, easily adjusted tracking and tensioning mechanism
  • Standard frame drive motor, TEFC, mill and chemical duty, off-the-shelf interchangeability
  • Standard, fixed motor mounting
  • Interchangeable, standard components
Water Jet Tail Cutter Made entirely of stainless steel, this cutter is available with customer water supply or new water supply systems. Cut positions are accurately set and fully adjustable. Double or single nozzles are available, with edge trim squirts available.
  • Operating pressure up to 5000 psig (340Bar)
  • Water connections at drive side or tending side for existing customer water supply or new water supply system
  • Very compact rigid structural beam design—unlimited cross machine length
  • All internal beam components in stainless steel
  • Unique, “V” wheel carriage to maintain positive motion without play/backlash
  • AC gear motor with rugged reduction gearbox—fully sealed
  • PLC automatic control system or fully manual operation
  • Double or single nozzle
  • Adjustable edge trim squirts with local adjustment available
Rotary Saw Blade Tail Cutter Simple, reliable and versatile, with single, dual or portable handheld control stations. These feature a very compact rigid structural beam design for unlimited cross-machine length, and fully adjustable or preset positions to optimize precise tail cut positioning. Special tooth designs on the rotary saw blade minimizes dust and controls fiber build-up and plugging.
  • Air motor driven saw blade
  • Hardened steel blade with non-plugging, low dust tooth design
  • Sheet stabilizing plate integral to cutting head
  • Compact rigid structural beam in stainless steel or epoxy-coated structural steel
  • All internal beam components in stainless steel
  • Pivot mechanism to engage cutting head into sheet
  • Unique “V” wheel carriage to maintain positive motion without play/backlash
  • AC cross drive motor with rugged reduction gearbox
  • PLC automatic control system or fully manual operation
  • Standard design is suitable for wet or dry end of the machine
Knife Blade Tail Cutter Simple, reliable and versatile, with single, dual or portable handheld control stations. These feature a very compact, rigid structural beam design for unlimited cross-machine length, and fully-adjustable or preset positions to optimize precise tail cut positioning. No tools are required to quickly change the blade on this simple low maintenance cutter. The head can be parked at front or drive side for blade changes and a sheet stabilizing plate is integral to the cutting head.
  • All stainless steel design
  • Designed to accept typical “utility knife” blade or special hardened steel blade for extended blade life
  • Toggle clamp design for blade exchange
  • Beam and control designs – same as rotary saw blade unit
  • Automatic or Manual blade traverse
Super Guillotine Cutter (SGC) Our industry-leading SGC is simple, compact and safe, with a low maintenance design. It is the most effective high-speed tail breaker available. Whether used standalone or in conjunction with an edge doctor, straight clean cuts are assured.
  • Designed for all grades (50gsm to 1200+gsm) and market pulp
  • High speed pneumatic operation
  • Blades remain safely closed until tail breaker is ready for use
  • Aluminum blades with interchangeable cutting edges
  • Stainless steel, electro-polished hardware with corrosion-resistant air cylinders
  • Can be mounted with machine doctors, conveyors, air foils or machine frames
  • Action of tail breaker automatically directs tail onto next threading device
Super Bart Breaker (SBB) – Tooth Blade Tail Breaker This compact, safe and effective design is suited for press or high-speed lightweights. It uses a hardened stainless steel saw-spike tooth blade.
  • Standard all stainless steel construction
  • Hardened stainless steel large profile saw-tooth blade
  • Pneumatically operated—safe storage position for blade when not in use
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Designed for tissue, toweling, high speed news or for threading in press sections

This device simulates a human pulling the tail into a rope nip, eliminating the need for a person to go into the machine. It automatically pulls the tail into the ropes, holds the tail for threading, and releases or holds the tail out of the ropes. It is normally used in conjunction with transfer equipment, which takes the tail off a press roll and transfers it into the next machine position.

  • All stainless steel construction, linear slide and tail grabber
  • Effective for all grades from light weights to heavy board
  • Press section design for harsh environment and caustic cleanup
  • Quick disconnect fittings and fastening for rapid removal for maintenance and press felt change-out
  • All PLC controlled propriety action
  • Pre-transfer equipment to initially take the tail off a press roll and transfer it into the next machine position available
For standalone deployment or for use with vacuum conveyors, this threader can handle high-speed lightweights to heavy board and market pulp, in positions from Fourdrinier machine to reel, within Rewinders and on pulp Layboy or Sheeter Tables. Horizontal, vertical and inverted designs assure versatility. All-stainless, minimalist construction provides low maintenance. Available with tube type air jets or highly efficient air knife applications.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Simple robust design and construction
  • From 8” (200mm) to 20” (500mm) wide, up to 6’ (1.8 m) lengths
  • Specific jet design to prevent stalling of the tail
  • Designed to suit specific paper/board grade and machine position
  • Fully adjustable air flows for each jet
  • Quick disconnects for press section systems (optional)
  • Easily mounted pivoting and linear slide mechanisms
For use on three to eight roll stacks, and for threading high-speed lightweights to board. Over-the-top threaders eliminate the need for an upper pinch roll, which reduces equipment needs, roll wear and roll refinishing. Features highly efficient use of compressed air with air knife applications.
  • All stainless steel construction utilizing air knife and tube type air jets
  • Simple robust design and construction
  • Minimalistic parts providing low maintenance
  • Fully adjustable air flows for each jet providing suction and transfer control
  • Full storage articulation: horizontal, vertical or linear, providing calender roll and water box access
  • PLC control in conjunction with Auto Threading Equipment feeding the Calender Threaders
Applicable for scanners, edge markers or size press rope removal, this diverter allows full sheet scanning, rope clearance with splasher pans, etc. It lifts rope off rotating rolls when the rope system is in idle or stop mode. Configurable with single, double or three-rope systems for standalone implementation or can be tied into the paper machine control system.
  • Pneumatically-operated pulleys relocate the rope run for threading, scanning, or production
  • Diverts rope horizontally, vertically or on any required angle
  • Rope system can operate at full production speed when diverted or released
  • Equipment stores out of the paper path when threading
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Simple long life maintenance-free control system

All threading, tail cutters, rope diverters, or mechanical hand systems come with full control packages. Operator stations, HMI, control panels, pneumatic panels and drive panels are custom designed for each application. All systems and panels meet the world-recognized standards for safety and reliability, ensuring consistent and safe operation of the systems.

  • Operator stations are available as stand-alone, built into existing bench boards or as remote handheld units
  • Fully automatic to semi-automatic operation via PLC control available
  • Turnkey variable frequency drives fully built up with protection control and bypass circuits for exacting motor control
  • Turnkey pneumatic systems fully protected from harsh environments, enclosed within panels
  • NEMA 4 or 4X panels available for standard or stainless steel required areas
  • Panels are built to meet CSA/UL and CE certifications
  • Metric or Imperial (i.e. European or North American coded) components available
  • Custom CE certified PLC control or VF Drive cabinets (non-paper industry) also available upon request

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